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Thailand Art Residency

In January 2017,  I was immersed in two week art residency in rural Thailand.  

The Sam Rit Artist Residency provides artists with a chance to experience authentic rural Thai living as well as inspire new direction and energy into their artwork...and a time for contemplative creativity.

One of the absolute highlights was engaging with the local school children and presenting my book to them, as well as drawing, and craft activities ... I will never forget their smiling faces, it was the most amazing and memorable experience!   samritresdiency.com

Leaving my mark!  Residency hosts 'Ek' and 'Art' are now immortalised on the walls of the residency :)  Jan 2017

2017 Solo Exhibition - DETAILS ON NEXT PAGE

​My first Solo show was held at Tacit Gallery, Johnson Street, Collingwood Opening September 13th, 2017 

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Recent Exhibition:

Images from 'Birds of a Feather' - A recent exhibition held at the Town Hall Gallery, Hawthorn.  This group show explored themes of place, waterways, local ecologies and connection to our physical environment.   29 October - 20 Nov 2016