Upcoming Solo Exhibition - SEE NEXT PAGE!

​I'm currently working on paintings for my first Solo show to be held at Tacit Gallery, Johnson Street, Collingwood Opening September 13th, 2017 - more details to follow!

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Recent Exhibition:

Images from 'Birds of a Feather' - A recent exhibition held at the Town Hall Gallery, Hawthorn.  This group show explored themes of place, waterways, local ecologies and connection to our physical environment.   29 October - 20 Nov 2016

Leaving my Mark!  Ek and Art immortalised on the walls of the residency :) 

Thailand Art Residency

In January 2017,  I was immersed in two week art residency in rural Thailand.  

The Sam Rit Artist Residency provides artists with a chance to experience authentic rural Thai living as well as inspire new direction and energy into their artwork...and a time for contemplative creativity.

One of the absolute highlights was engaging with the local school children and presenting my book to them, as well as drawing, and craft activities ... I will never forget their smiling faces, it was the most amazing and memorable experience!   samritresdiency.com

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