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Since childhood, I have spent much of my life drawing, designing, creating, cutting, gluing, making, sculpting, painting, dreaming and ...'colouring-in' for both work and pleasure.

It's what I do!

I worked as a visual merchandiser; In a graphic design studio, and as a freelance designer for many years.  This experience combined with lots of short-courses and art workshops helped me to become the best 'self taught' artist I could be. 

However, I finally 'found my tribe' between 2010-13 completing a Diploma of Visual Art, at CAE Melbourne, majoring in painting.

Now, with over thirty years experience in the visual arts, I am still passionate about expressing life through art.

As both an Artist and Illustrator, I engage closely with clients to conceptualise their vision and create unique artworks that bring both my own, and others ideas to life.

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instagram:  jackiemossart

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